Every task is easier said than done whether it be scoring a century or taking a five wicket haul.It becomes much more difficult when you are playing in away conditions. If any batsmen is to be called great then he has to prove his abilities in SENA(south africa,england,new zealand,australia) and for players of these countries it will be playing good in asia.

There are examples of many great players who have struggled outside and it shows us the difficulty in playing in unknown conditions.

So there may be some reasons as to why this happens . So lets try to figure that out one by one.

In my view the most important difference making reason is the mindset of a batsmen while playing outside his nations.All the greats in cricket had a great mindset for playing a game.They know when to change their game according to conditions.You can’t play the same way you used to play at your yard,the changes have to be made.A batsmen scoring quick at his home ground can’t and shouldn’t expect the pitch and the bowling attack to be same everywhere.And when he understands this difference then he can be invincible.Batting is all about your body-mind coordination.There shouldn’t be a single piece of doubt or fear in a batsmen’s mind while playing against any bowler.

Now we can come to another important but least thought reason is time.We can clearly see why the players perform well at home because they have spent so much time their,they know the conditions well.It’s same as if you have started a business of some type and doing it for a decade or long then you will become expert in that field and it will be a cakewalk for you to earn money.Now a team tour a particular nation once in every two years or more and this means a player who had played there on previous tour or if he will play here for the first time will be unknown to conditions.So to adapt to conditions he will need time and that’s why practice matches are there but that’s not enough for sure.But a great player is one who adapt to conditions quickly.

Now lets talk about the pitches and the bowling attack.Now if a batsmen is from Asia then he will love playing spin because there they get spin friendly tracks most of times and same is true for a batsmen who will tour in Asia as he loves batting on those pacy tracks.But you don’t get those luxuries and therefore struggles are inevitable.But what they can do is learn and learn fast because they are professionals.

One small reason which can’t matter that much but still is,the crowd,this always act as a 12th man for the home side and an obstacle for the batsmen.He have to concentrate in the middle but if crowd is loud and cheering the home team then it can get onto your nerves sometimes.

In the end i would like to conclude that batting overseas is never easy as records prove it but thats what make cricket a gentlemen’s game as it requires patience and calmness in a person.There’s this famous quote which sums up everything

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.


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